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Stock Catalog Kinetics

Gaus-Scott Company stocks the following catagories of items
from Kinetics for your convenience and immediate delivery.

Seismic Restraint

Serves to limit the movement of equipment and to keep the equipment captive during an earthquake-related building movement.  Proper use of seismic restraints can reduce the threat to life and minimize long-term costs due to equipment damage and associated loss of service.

Free Standing Isolators

Recommended for use in isolating floor mounted sources of noise and vibration located near critically quiet areas. For reducing transmission of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment into the building structure, spring mounted isolators are typically used.


Recommended for use on piping, ductwork and equipment to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration into the building.

Noise Control

Noise control products such as spring isolators and Neoprene/Fiberglass isolators are used to reduce noise, shock and vibration transmission by mechanical, industrial or processing equipment.  Enabling building owners to install complex heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems without the worry of noise and vibration problems.


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