What is Vibration Isolation?

Vibration Isolation is an essential piece of any building that will be occupied or surrounded by people. We’ve all been in schools, offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc. where the AC unit or other machinery kicks on and creates a loud, distracting humming noise.

That hum is caused by heavy machinery vibrating as energy passes through it. The Vibration is often unavoidable as industrial grade AC units, motors, furnaces, mechanical systems and other heavy machinery require extremely high levels of energy to function. However, the noise that the vibration creates can be mitigated with expert engineering and simple, inexpensive vibration isolators.

Vibration Isolating Roof Curb
Vibration Isolating Roof Curb

Why is Vibration Isolation Important?

Vibration Isolation Systems’ affordable price and simple application is great news for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Developers, as the lack of noise control and vibration isolation can lead to costly lawsuits due to OSHA regulations and strict noise ordinances in urban areas that require specific sound levels to be maintained at all times.

These noise violations aren’t only a legal liability, they also take a toll on your structure and the machinery over time, and make for a poor end-user experience for whoever will be occupying the space in and around the building. The excessive noise can result in a loss of productivity, increased occupant stress, greater costs down the road and a hit to the reputation of the people responsible for designing the building.

If considered in the initial design and construction of a project, Gaus Scott Company can offer simple, affordable solutions to any building’s vibration problems.

How does Vibration Isolation Work?

Vibration isolators are made up of two mounting plates – one attached to the machinery and the other attached to the ground – and a coiled spring that connects them. This design allows the machinery to vibrate as normal without passing that vibration along to the stable ground.

Specific grades of springs and types of mounting apparatuses are required for different systems, and can vary based on the type and size of machinery, its position within your building, and the surface to which it is mounted to. That is why its always best to consult with an expert like Gaus Scott Company who can offer precise mechanical engineering before installation.

The benefits of isolating the vibration to the machinery itself are numerous, however most notably, it can almost eliminate the noise produced, creating a much more suitable working environment for building occupants.

How do I Get Started?

Gaus Scott Company specializes in the engineering, design, supply and expert application of Vibration Isolation equipment. We work with clients in a wide variety of industries to provide effective, inexpensive, solutions to our clients no matter the size or nature of their problem.

As a small business serving the Midwest region including St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, Kansas City and Champagne-Urbana, our number one priority is to provide excellent service to our clients in the aim of creating long lasting business relationships that you can count on, project after project.

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